Mulkey Mission Couloir

  For many years, I have wanted to complete a trilogy of first ascents and descents in the South Fork Valley of Wyoming and that … Read the rest

New Area, New Climbs- The Shooting Range

  Finding new climbing areas is always awesome, but when you find them 5 minutes from the road they are even better. With all of … Read the rest

“The Patriarch” First Ascent

  I have seen this small smear form up a few times over the years, but it has never gotten fat enough to ever protect … Read the rest

Bucking Bodacious

 Bodacious The Bull Gambling is a game of risk and reward and it doesn’t seem to matter if you’re ahead or behind. Walking away is … Read the rest

May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favor

  Some people drive to the local corner store to purchase a lottery ticket, hoping they bought a winner. For me, it’s a simple drive … Read the rest

“Tequila Stuntman” FA

Words cant describe how awesome this route was, so I’m not going to say much.   When luck and hard work come together you’re rewarded … Read the rest

Spiked Eggnog-FA

Sometimes long drives to nowhere payoff. Christmas eve gave Tanner Callender and myself an early gift this year.   We thought the climb was gonna … Read the rest

Stick In The Mud -FA

For many years, local climbers such as Todd Cozzens and Stan Price eyed this chunk of ice, hoping it would touch down someday. They even … Read the rest

Ice Climbing is Alive and Well

It seems like I hit the road in mid-December and I’m just now returning home. Work, traveling and climbing made the time pass like oncoming … Read the rest

The Pursuit Official Trailer

  Very excited to share this film with everyone. It will premiere at the Ouray Ice Festival January 11th. Please share the stoke and thanks … Read the rest