Too Cold To Fire WI4 70M

Too Cold To Fire WI4 70m First Ascent: Carl Coy, Todd Cozzens, Jeff Radick 1990/91 season Probably one of the most popular climbs in the … Read the rest

Smooth Emerald Milkshake WI4 250m

Smooth Emerald Milkshake WI4 250m First Ascent: Todd Cozzens, Pat Meese 1992 This climb is the furthest climb in the Deer Creek drainage located on … Read the rest

Broken Hearts WI5 200m

Broken Hearts WI5 200m First Ascent: Pitches 1-5 Todd Cozzens, Ric Miller 1988/89- Pitch 6 Stan Price, Jim Krudener 1992 – Pitch 7 Stan Price, … Read the rest

Spittin Bullets WI4 50M

Spittin Bullets WI4 50M Todd Cozzens, Bobby Model, Mike Snyder, ¬†February 1998 Spittin Bulletts is an enjoyable route up a step corner chimney system and … Read the rest

Hostile Takeover WI4 80M

Hostile Takeover WI4 80M First Ascent: Stan Price, Charlie Mcduff 1992 Hostile takeover is a valley favorite with a short approach and quality climbing. There … Read the rest

Stringer WI3 160M

Stringer WI3 160M First Ascent: Stan Price, Jim krudener 1990 Stringer is one of the closest approaches in the valley and offers a great climb … Read the rest