View to a Thrill & Dressed to Kill WI5 70M

View to a Thrill & Dressed to Kill WI5 70m First Ascent of View: Stan Price, Beau Byrd 1993 First Ascent of Dressed: Todd Cozzens, … Read the rest

Carotid Artery WI6

Carotid Artery WI6 or M?+R 40m First Ascent Mixed: Alex Lowe, Todd Cozzens early 90’s First Ascent Ice: Unknown This impressive feature of ice is … Read the rest

Broken Hearts WI5 200m

Broken Hearts WI5 200m First Ascent: Pitches 1-5 Todd Cozzens, Ric Miller 1988/89- Pitch 6 Stan Price, Jim Krudener 1992 – Pitch 7 Stan Price, … Read the rest

The Gambler WI6 40m

The Gambler WI6 40m First Ascent- Aaron Mulkey, Kenny Gasch 2010 The Gambler was looked at for many years before it eventually touched down. This … Read the rest

Upper Triptych Pillar WI5 60M

Upper Triptych Pillar WI5 60m This pillar is the upper most pitch in the triptych drainage and can be easily seen from the road. It … Read the rest

Long Neck Bottle WI6 60m

Long Neck Bottle WI6 60m Stan Price, Robert Cotter, February 28 1998 Long Neck Bottle is one of the valley’s rare pillars to form but … Read the rest

Triptych Pillars WI4-5 40M

Triptych Pillars WI4-5 40m First ascent: Stan Price, Jim Krudener The Triptych Pillars are a great place to get some laps on some short steep … Read the rest

Too Much Goose WI5 40M

Too Much Goose WI5 40M First Ascent: Todd Cozzens, Jim Montgomery, Ric Miller 1985/86 season After long cold continuous days in the South Fork Valley … Read the rest

Who’s Your Daddy ? WI5 100M

Who’s Your Daddy 100m, WI5 First Ascent: Aaron Mulkey and Andy Cowan This route is often climbed to skirt around the not so often formed … Read the rest

Ovisight WI5-6 180M

Ovisight WI5-6 180M First Ascent – Alex Lowe, Stan Price January 18, 1991 Climbing this route is pretty amazing and following the steps of two … Read the rest