The ice is coming in fast in the valley and we have had some good precipitation earlier in the week. Now this arctic cold front is in full swing. Today the high in the valley is -4. The updates below are based on what I have seen in the valley and what I figure has come in with the recent cold temps.

 ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY Each climber is responsible for his own safety and this site and specifically the condition page should only be used as a reference guide to the South Fork. The information on this page is current as of the date above and conditions and temperatures can change dramatically day to day.



Freak On a Leash WI5 M5 200ft-Maybe

Welcome Wagon WI4 1 Pitch- Close

Illogicicle Drainage 

-Illogicicle WI5 3 Pitches- Forming

-Hanging Tree WI5 1 Pitch- Forming

-Demolition Girl WI5+ 1 Pitch- No

School House Creek

School House Route WI4 5-6 Pitches- Yes

-Classroom Bully WI5 6 Pitches- Not sure yet

-Last Climb Before the War WI6 4 Pitches- Forming

-Dutch Rudder WI5+ 2 Pitches- No
-The Substitute WI3 2 Pitches- no
-Only The Paranoid Survive WI6 1 Pitch- No
-Side Show Addiction WI6 1 Pitch- no
-Hall Pass WI5 1 Pitch- No
-Who Needs Principals WI4 1 Pitch- No

The Cemetery

Thrill Jockey WI4 2 Pitches- no

Free Game WI5 1 Pitch-No

Stringer WI3 3-4 Pitches- Yes   

-Desperate For Lovin WI4 2 Pitches- Forming, might be in

-Slow Turning WI5 6-7 Pitches- no

-Captain Chemo WI4 1 pitch-Yes

Legg Creek WI4 3 Pitches-  Yes 

-Who’s Your Daddy WI5 5 Pitches-Close

-Ovisight WI5+ 3 Pitches- No

-Chocolate Starfish WI3 1 Pitch- No

-Oversight WI4+ 1 Pitch- No

Dental Floss WI3 2 Pitches- Yes 

-Witched Woman WI4+ 1 Pitch- Yes

-Too Much Goose WI4 1 Pitch- No

Triptych WI4 4 Pitches- Yes    

-Triptych Pillars WI4-5 1 Pitches- Main is in

-Hostile Takeover WI4 2 Pitches- Yes

-Hostile Makeover WI5 M7 1 Pitch-

-Spittin Bulletts WI4 1 Pitch- Maybe

-Highschool Squids WI4 1 Pitch- Looks like it would go

-Wyoming Rodeo WI4 M5 1 Pitch- No

-Longneck Bottle WI6-7 1 Pitch- No

Broken Hearts WI5 6 Pitches-  Yes- no on the pillars though  

-Carotid Artery WI6 1 Pitch- No

-Left Ventricle WI4 1 Pitch- No

– Defibrillator M8- No

Broken Ribs WI2 3 Pitches- Yes 

Oh Be Joyful WI3 3-4 Pitches- Yes 

Deer Creek Falls WI2 1 Pitch- Yes

Wonderwall WI3 M4 2 pitches- No
Scared of Emily WI4X 1 Pitch- No
Deer Creek Drainage
Too Cold to Fire WI4 2 Pitches- Yes
-View To A Thrill WI5 2 Pitches- no
-AutoLoader WI4 1 Pitch- Yes

-Skid Mark WI3 1 Pitch- Yes

-Slogger WI3 1 Pitch-No

-Dressed To Kill- WI5 2 Pitches- No

-Transient Alterations WI4 3 Pitches- Maybe

-Bitches Brew WI5 4 Pitches- No

-Smooth Emerald Milkshake WI3+ 8 Pitches- Yes

-Fredericks Of Hollywood WI3 2 Pitches- Yes

-The Ghost WI3&4 1 Pitch- Yes

Grunge Match WI3 M5 2 pitches- No  

Miami Ice WI5 1 Pitch- yes 

Wake and Bake WI2 1 Pitch-  Forming 

—–Lonely Viewer WI4 3 Pitches- no

The Slot WI3 2 Pitches- Yes

High Noon WI5 2-3 Pitches- No 

The Main Vein WI3 5 Pitches- Yes 

One Armed Bandit WI5 4-5 Pitches- No  

Chasing The Sun WI4 3-4 Pitches- Yes 

Cabin Creek

Tinder Fever WI4 M5 Bolted- Maybe

-Cabin Fever WI4 1 Pitch- Maybe

-Wyoming Wave WI3 4-5 Pitches- Yes
-California Dreams WI3 1 Pitch- Maybe
-The Outdoorsman WI4 1 Pitch- Yes
-Not Enough Gravy WI3 2 Pitches- Yes
-Counterfeit Girl WI4 2-3 pitches- Yes
Smoked Turkey WI4 3 Pitches- Yes   
Grandmas Chicken WI4 4 Pitches- Yes
The Mile Of Ice WI4+ 3 Pitches- Yes – Avy danger    
Fall Creek WI5 3 Pitches- No 


Spying And Flying WI5 6 Pitches- Maybe   

Ro Sham bo WI5 1 Pitch- Maybe  

Love’em And Leave’em WI3 6 Pitches- Maybe 

-Love Canal WI3 6 Pitches- Unknown

-Love Stinks WI3 7 Pitches- Unknown

Moonrise WI5 2 Pitches- Yes  

High On Boulder WI4 4-5 Pitches- Yes

-Save It For Later WI3+ 1 Pitch- Yes

-No Bragging Rights WI6-7 1 Pitch- No

-Pillar Of Pain WI5 1 Pitch- No

-Scratch My Itchy WI5 1 Pitch- No

Mean Green WI4 6-7 Pitches- yes 

-Sticky Plumb Juice On You’re Fingers WI4 2 Pitches- no

Duck Soup WI3 3 Pitches- Yes 

Shank Stew WI3 5 Pitches- yes 

Festering Ice WI4 1 Pitch- Yes   

Ice fest WI5 2 Pitches- Yes  

Horsetail WI4-5 2 Pitches- No  

Do You Want It WI4 5.6 2 Pitches- Yes 

Full Curl WI5 5.9 2 Pitches-  No 

Spotted Owl Sandwich d WI3 3 Pitches- Yes 

Hunter Creek Falls WI5 1 Pitch- Yes small pillar 

Animal Rights Activist WI4 1 Pitch- Yes 

Stoned Expectations WI2 1-2 Pitches- Yes 

Sendero Iluminoso WI4 2 Pitches- Yes    

Stick in the Mud WI5 M7- Yes  

Bozos Revenge WI3 3 Pitches- Yes 

Joy After Pain WI5 5 Pitches– Yes

Pillars Of The Community WI4+ 2 Pitches- Trying 

The Moratorium WI4+ 2 Pitches- Yes 

-Legal At Last WI6+ 1 Pitch- No

-Barely Legal WI7 M8+ 1 Pitch- No

Natural Immunity- 4-5 pitches WI3+- Forming 

Mean Streak WI7 M7 2 Pitches-  NO

The One Hitter WI4 2 Pitches- Yes  

Fairgame WI4- 3 pitches – Forming

Carter Mountain

Snotty Nose WI5 1 Pitch-  No 

Curtains WI3 3Pitches- Yes 

The Wig WI5+ 1 Pitch- Yes 

Reality Strikes WI3 4+ Pitches- Yes

Fools Rush WI2 2 Pitches- Yes 

Beginers Luck WI2 1-2 Pitches- Yes 

Skirmish WI3 1 Pitch- Yes 

Cold War WI3+ 1 Pitch- Yes 

Half Mile

Fickle Cicle WI4 2 Pitches- No

Nemesis WI4+ 2 Pitches- No

Burning Time WI4 M5 1 Pitch- No

Sinful Bliss WI4 M4 1 Pitch- No

Risky Business WI5 2 Pitches- NO

Post Creek

No updates yet

Clarks Fork

Leaning Tree 4-5 Pitches WI3-4- No

Dutch Charlie 5-6 Pitches WI5 -No

Runnin With A Gun 6-8 Pitches WI3- Yes

Bridal Veil 1-2 Pitches 70m WI5- No


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