Last Climb Before The War WI6 120M

First Ascent: Stan Price, Alex Lowe January 17, 1991

Probably one of my most memorable ascents and following the steps of two of my heroes I was on top of the world after completing the first pitch which is the main event for sure. The second pitch is a short curtain and the 3rd pitch I have never seen and am uncertain exactly where it is. According to Stan you continue up the drainage beneath the massive hanger seen from the valley below and continue right following some sketch ledge systems to a WI5 pillar which can also be accessed by hiking further up the main Schoolhouse drainage.

Last Climb Before The War


After completing the first 3 pitches of Schoolhouse continue up the main drainage and after about 100m you will see the climb hanging off the left wall. The climb can also be seen from the valley below to see if its is or not. It seems to form every couple years but I have yet to see it touch. You can climb a 10M crack just right of the ice to gain the overhanging mushrooms above and then step on to the pillar above and hope for the best.


Rappel the first pitch via a tree which I believe still has Stan and Alex’s webbing on it which is pretty cool.

Aaron Mulkey on “Last Climb Before The War” Photo By: Joel Anderson



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