Long Neck Bottle WI6 60m

Stan Price, Robert Cotter, February 28 1998

 Aaron Mulkey on Long Neck Bottle and Upper Triptych Pillar on the right

Long Neck Bottle is one of the valley’s rare pillars to form but when it does it provides an incredible climb. Stan Price waited for this to come in for many years and it finally touched for a few days and he took the opportunity to claim it. When Stan climbed it, it was much smaller then this but just like Stan I have waited ever since he did it to claim the second ascent. A couple years ago I was finnally able to claim it.

Aaron Mulkey on the second ascent of Long Neck Bottle


Climb the below pitches of Triptych up past Triptych pillars amphitheater and continue up the drainage taking a right at the split above Triptych Pillars. As you continue up to the Upper Triptych Pillar you will see Long Neck Bottle on your left. The route can be easily seen from the valley road below.

Aaron Mulkey on the first pitch of Long Neck Bottle

Climb the first pitch up to a small ledge where the real business begins. Climb the second pitch all the way to a tree high above on the right. A climb not to be missed if it’s in !

Aaron Mulkey carefully choosing his placements Photo taken from the road of Long Neck Bottle and Upper Triptych Pillar with the hanging daggers of a higher pitch of ice that never forms.

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